Professional Portraiture

SAP Australia

The corporate headshot - also known as an executive- or corporate portrait - is a valuable tool your business can use to amplify its online presence by showcasing your staff as active, confident professionals. With the increased use of online marketing, social networking and other digital toolboxes, corporate photography creates a human identity for your business.

Your staff corporate headshots can be used for:

  ●   company website and internal directory

  ●   social networking profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

  ●   business cards and advertising brochures

  ●   industry marketing and trade magazine articles

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IPSWICH.PHOTO specialises in corporate headshots for small-, medium- and large-scale companies and business-units. We come to you, set up a complete mobile studio in a vacant office or meeting room, and photograph each member of your staff adhering to your company's timetable. Individuals get an instant review of the images as they are taken, via an LCD monitor tethered to the camera, to ensure we get the perfect shot in one sitting, and keep your company's productivity on-point.

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